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Divorce Busting Marriage Intensive - Michele Weiner-Davis, Boulder, CO

Michele Weiner Davis is the well-known speaker and best-selling author of the books “Divorce Busting”, “The Divorce Remedy”, and “The Sex-Starved Marriage” 

If you truly want to transform your marriage, visit Michele in her Boulder, Colorado office. Michele will meet with you and your spouse from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. where you will have her undivided attention. She is highly experienced in working with people who have given up and have become hopeless about their relationships. No marital problem is too severe or too long-standing for Michele to find seeds of hope and solutions. Her specialty is working with couples who have "done everything" without good results. Couples who work with Michele feel that their experience has given them tools that last a lifetime.

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Hope Restored – by Focus on the Family - in Rome Georgia and Branson, Missouri.

The all-inclusive 4-day intensive provides 32 hours of caring, attentive and focused attention of the Focus on the Family Marriage Institute counseling team with the benefit of a group counseling experience for up to five couples. This Hope Restored intensive has been an extremely popular program over the years and is one of the most powerful ways we have found to work with couples in a high degree of distress. While nearly everyone has initial concerns about the group format, couples rave about the experience. Additionally, independent research of Hope Restored programs indicate that men experience a greater increase in marital satisfaction after attending an intensive utilizing the group format than in other programs.  The price of $3,950 per couple includes approximately 32 hours of group counseling provided by two counselors, 5 nights of lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, and a follow up resource with 2 complimentary phone coaching sessions.  These intensives are offered nearly every weekend in Branson, Missouri, and about twice each month in Rome, Georgia, but they typically fill up about a month in advance, so please schedule accordingly.



Hope Weekend – by Live the Life - in Jacksonville, Florida and Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Our vision for Hope Weekends is simple: We want to transform good marriages into great marriages, and we want troubled marriages to be healed and restored so more children will grow up in happier, healthier homes. Hope Weekends are marriage intensives that combine Christian principles with the latest research to provide specific, practical, attainable skills to help couples. Hope Weekends have saved 80% of troubled marriages since 2004. The program is designed to help couples rebuild intimacy and trust, and to teach couples essential relationship skills for developing, maintaining, and sustaining a deeply bonded and connected relationship.

Hope Weekends are typically offered twice each month, usually on the third weekend of each month in Jacksonville, Florida and on the second weekend of each month in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The price is $950 per couple. 



Love Reboot – by Jon Anderson/The Growing Love Network – in San Antonio, TX 

Whether your marriage could just use a good boost or needs a complete do over, Love Reboot is proven to be highly effective.  If you are recently separated, dealing with a past or ongoing affair and/or if either partner is considering divorce, we urge both spouses to take a step towards healing the marriage by attending a Love Reboot workshop as soon as you can.  We have worked with over 1,000 struggling couples and stand by results more effective than traditional marriage counseling methods. Love Reboot not only saves marriages, it provides a pathway to stronger and more fulfilling relationships.  Because Love Reboot is designed for powerful transformation with intense coaching, couples are asked to attend and participate in the program’s entirety. A weekend workshop is scheduled for all day on Friday and Saturday and from 1:30 pm to 7pm on Sunday.  During the workshop you and your partner can discover how to: Heal from past hurts; Regain trust; Fall back in love and more deeply in love; Discover true intimacy; Communicate lovingly and effectively; Handle conflict; and Build mutually fulfilling lives together. 



A New Beginning

– by The Marriage Dynamics Institute – in Nashville, Tennessee

A New Beginning is a three-day intensive workshop for troubled marriages. More than just teaching information, the workshop focuses on developing life skills and alternative behaviors that empower couples with new ways of communicating, interacting and understanding themselves, their spouse and their marriage. 3 out of 4 couples who attend save their marriage! This uniquely interactive learning experience is so effective that many counselors refer their own clients to “jumpstart” counseling sessions. Led by specially trained and experienced marriage counselors, this workshop has helped thousands of couples to learn new and different ways to communicate along with life skills that are essential for having a strong, healthy relationship. A New Beginning is different than therapy or counseling. It is an educational experience unlike anything else. In an environment of respect and confidentiality, couples go on a journey that tackles head-on the brokenness of their marriage to arrive at a place where they can make sound decisions for their future. For three days, they are challenged to look at life and love from a different perspective.



Private Marriage Intensives

by Live the Life - in Jacksonville, FL, Tallahassee, FL and Fort Lauderdale, FL

A Live the Life Marriage Intensive pairs a trained pastoral counselor or relationship coach with one couple for two or three full days of exploration, education, and skills development. As a couple learns new tools for communication, intimacy building, and conflict resolution those skills are put into immediate use to build the lasting marriage both desire.

This Skills-based approach recognizes that there are basic emotional and relational needs common to all human beings. Relationships can be torn apart by past hurts and brokenness as well as by unmet emotional needs in the present. Using the best tools of psychological and behavioral research, Live the Life’s Marriage Intensive Pastoral Counselors help clients identify past hurts, unmet emotional needs, and self-defeating behavioral patterns which may be hindering personal growth and relational health. The goal of Skills Based Counseling is to assist couples in discovering new ways of thinking and behaving that will help them develop a healthy and satisfying marriage. 



Relationship Lifeline

– in Orange County, CA

Relationship Lifeline is a four-day engaging experience where you are actively part of a transformation that could never be done “to you” but only “by you”. The program includes over 35 hours of exercises that focus on the real stuff that everyone experiences on a day-to-day basis. Our intensive marriage counseling retreats have helped bring over 4,000 couples and individuals to emotional and relational health over the past 20 years. Relationship Lifeline is your answer to the genuine personal and relational happiness only attainable through honest self-discovery for yourself and your relationships. Through a safe environment, free from the pressures and expectations of life, is it possible to identify the root causes of personal and relational issues. Our interactive experiences will help uncover emotions locked away long ago so they can be addressed, resolved, and released from limiting your future fulfillment. The program is so effective it provides the equivalent of two years of counseling in just a long weekend.

Offered monthly, at a price of $1,590/couple.


Jacksonville, FL


– Jacksonville, FL - and other cities

This program is for couples with marital problems that want marriage help. Those who are considering marriage separation and those who are already separated or divorced are encouraged to consider the Retrouvaille Program. There is always hope of reviving your relationship.

Some couples come to Retrouvaille during the initial signs of a marriage problem. Other couples are in a state of despair and hopelessness when they attend the program. 

Many lawyers and judges send couples to Retrouvaille as a prerequisite to filing for a divorce or rendering final decisions. Many marriage counselors and family therapists send their clients to Retrouvaille as a prerequisite to counseling. These professionals know that the tools of communication in marriage taught in the program are often what couples need.

The Retrouvaille program is for husbands and wives and is not designed nor intended for couples in a co-habitating relationship.



Smalley Institute Marriage

Intensives-offered in the following 8 locations: Branson MO, Dallas TX, Denver CO, Houston TX,  Las Vegas NV, Shreveport LA, West Monroe LA and Westerville OH. 

The Smalley Marriage Intensive is a 2-day marriage intensive that gives you effective, long-term results to relationship issues. This unique marriage mentoring program focuses on win-win solutions. It’s built on the proven techniques and communication skills used in every successful relationship.  This in-depth, one-on-one experience with a certified marriage coach shows you how you can rebuild trust, resolve marital problems, and restore relationships. The Smalley Intensive one-on-one program really works, because it’s customized for your unique relationship. You will learn how to...

  • Stop fights before they start.

  • Create a loving environment.

  • Confront your biggest conflicts – and resolve them.

  • Gain greater intimacy and deeper connection.

  • Understand one another like never before.

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