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Michele Weiner-Davis’ Divorce Busting:

If your spouse wants a divorce or separation, and you want to save your marriage, visiting this website is literally the first thing you should do. That’s all I’m going to say about it….

Marriage Builders:

Willard Harley is the best-selling author of “His Needs, Her Needs” and many other books.  This website contains a WEALTH of information relating to his proven concepts; it has so much information there that is easy to become lost or overwhelmed.  To prevent this, we suggest starting by clicking on the “Site Tour” button on the top of the website, and working your way through the information presented.  While the website may appear to be “old-school”, the information presented on it is ageless.


The Power of Two:

Power of Two is a unique online program that: Teaches you how to stop fighting; Improves communication, builds trust and enhances intimacy; Includes videos, podcasts, worksheets, and interactive exercises; Works on your own schedule, alone or with your partner; Is personalized – so can be effective for couples seeking marriage enrichment as well as for couples experiencing serious problems in their marriage;  Includes access to a coach who will help you apply the skills you are learning to your real life situation.    Start with a 3-day trial, and if you like what you see during those 3 days, you can subscribe for only $18/month – which is easily cancellable at any time.


Lasting “app”:

Marriage Counseling – “there’s an app for that!”; and it’s called “Lasting”.   The folks at Lasting have distilled decades of research into 5-minute accessible sessions designed to give you the right tools for building a healthy marriage.  The Marriage Health Intro series is a free, five-session introduction to building marriage health and includes an assessment, an audio track entitled “How To Keep Your Marriage Healthy” and three exercises on the three most vital marriage health concepts.  To unlock the entire app and hundreds of sessions for two users, it’s just $11.99/month or $79.99/year.

Choosing Wisely: Before You Divorce 

Most people who divorce have no idea what they are getting into.  This FREE, 5-session video session which is available for immediate download, allows you to take a look at the “other side” of divorce – in order to assess “is this what I really want” and “is this what is best for me and my children?”

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